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Core Values


Everything at Fusion Kids is planned & built to support our Fusion Core Values. We desire the following for every child who is part of Fusion Kids:  


Value #1

To Know God and Have a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ.

God reveals Himself & His plan of salvation for all people in the Bible. Our goal is that your child will know God’s Word.

Value #2

Build Relationships with Other Christians.

The Bible encourages us to be in fellowship with other Christians. At Fusion Kids we want to provide opportunities for your child to build relationships with other children who share similar goals & values, & to become an encourager.

Value #3

Have Fun!

Fun & play are key elements of learning for children. Shared fun experiences build relationships. Having fun is crucial to accomplishing other key goals within our ministry.

Value #4

Be a Light in a Dark World.

We want empower & encourage each boy & girl to share the Good News about Jesus Christ with friends & family. As part of accomplishing this goal, we have implemented the Living Inside Out curriculum published by Group. Every week we encourage your kids to find a way to live their faith in the real world.